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About Us

“We built Kosel Treehouses with the help of our family, friends, local tradespeople and many late nights and early mornings!”

We are Patrick and Maddie Spink, a husband and wife team who never thought treehouse owning would be in our grand life plan! But when we moved to Gweek in 2014 we had a feeling special things were ahead.

Gweek is so friendly and pretty it captured our hearts. So, with a passion to show this beautiful part of Cornwall to others and a desire to change our own lifestyle, we created Kosel Treehouses in the fields and woodland above our family home.

Skapya Treehouse and Kalmynsi Treehouse took six years of love and labour to create.

During that time we had many ups and downs and were joined by a new family member: our beautiful daughter was born into the building chaos!

The treehouse build was a real team effort; a collaboration of local partners, close friends, and patient family: our dads designed and built the treehouses (thank you Clive and Chris!), using the finest cedar wood and a distinct crescent shape.

Finally, in 2021 we opened our doors, ready for guests to stay with us and get a taste of the Cornish high life.

Building Kosel


2014 – We moved from Reading to Gweek in Cornwall
2015 – Maddie’s dad finalised the design of Kosel Treehouses
2017 – The long journey that was planning began
2019 – Patrick’s dad started the build with the help of local tradespeople
2021 – Last 400 trees planted, doors opened and we welcomed our first guests!

Our Vision

A restored, protected, thriving haven for wildlife and guests in our little slice of Cornwall.

In the 1800s, the land above our family home was steep, hilly farmland. When we took it over it had been left to rewild and was already well on the way to become a haven for native flowers, plants, trees, insects, mammals and birds.

Our hearts were set on Kosel Treehouses being a haven for people and nature, as well as an opportunity for us to protect, restore and enhance this precious slice of Cornwall. So we created each treehouse sensitively, with minimal disruption or impact on the land.

100% of Kosel’s electricity is of course from renewable sources and in the future we would love to be able to add solar panels to generate our own electricity too.

Of course, our work to enrich the land around Skapya and Kalmynsi is not over – and never will be: we’re planting more trees as well as managing and restoring the mature woodland already here. Removal of old barbed wire fencing, old farm machinery and clearing grass to allow woodland flowers to take hold is all part fo the new woodland plan.

We can’t wait for you to immerse yourself in it – maybe with a glass of bubbly in hand too!

Our Partners


The creation of Kosel Treehouses was certainly a joint effort – over 30 local tradespeople helped with their creation.

From the Groundworks and Screwpiles to Landscaping, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, Plastering, Tiling, Kitchen fitting, Water Borehole, Flooring, Stoves and much, much more.

Some of the key players are listed below:

We of course haven’t listed everyone here, but we’d like to say a MASSIVE thank you to all involved.

Then we have the talented folks who help run Kosel Treehouses that we couldn’t do without. Angela and Jenny who help us clean and Nathan and Hugh for the groundworks, repairs, maintenance and upkeep – thanks guys…